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ZEDA Ltd is ranked as “boutique company “ that pay attention to every customer and his needs. We create cosmetic products with a clear, tangible and proven effect. For over 10 years we have been offering unique and effective top-level products on the market. Proof of this is the company’s proprietary patents. Under the brand name “Alzeda”, the company has developed and continues to develop hair care products. Our “Vivalek” massage series takes care of the health of muscles and joints.

The active ingredients are precisely selected by certified manufacturers, and the development of the final product takes a long time to create a unique recipe and technology.

We are happy to be responsible for maintaining the high quality of our products, because you feel and value it. Keep asking more and more of us, keep engaging with opinions and recommendations, keep inspiring us! And we will continue to do our best – to develop innovative, environmentally friendly, effective and high quality cosmetic products!

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