Zeda Ltd is a cosmetic company, established in 2007 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The company is developing its own high-tech cosmetic products and their production and trade. Ambitious goals of "ZEDA" are achieved thanks to the high qualifications, professionalism and the gathered experience of creators. The guarantee for this production is the patented products.

Alzeda’s products are designed to achieve real and tangible effect with maximum care for the health and beauty consumer.

Developments were made as a result of long research and extensive scientific analysis of highly qualified specialists in the company.

Management of the company knows and aligns all European requirements and standards concerning the creation and production of cosmetic products.

Production and control is carried out in accordance with the technical documentation developed in accordance with national and European legislation to protect public health.

"ZEDA" believes in the power, health and beauty of nature. In our products accurately present selected ingredients of natural origin, which eliminate the problems and help you feel and look beautiful.

Effectiveness of the products is due to the uniqueness of the recipes and the raw materials with high quality offered by leading manufacturers of cosmetic raw materials. Development of new products is a real challenge and takes a long process of selection and combination of innovative and effective active ingredients.

We believe that our cosmetics products can compete successfully with the most famous brands. Reason for this gives us their effectiveness and the successful resolution of problems arising cosmetic consumer.