It is not secret that external beauty depends on the internal. When the body works optimally and has the necessary active substances, all organs, including skin and hair, are in good condition – physiologically and functionally. When our body is healthy, skin, hair and nails fulfill their functions and purpose. Sometimes the function of these organs is impaired as a result of improper lifestyles (eating, sleeping, sports) or adverse environmental effects.
Observe yourself for a while – it may be that you are just lacking in vitamins. Sometimes the deficiency is due not to a deficiency but to a difficult or insufficient absorption of the vitamins, which requires their delivery by cosmetics. Vitamin A, C and E deficiency, magnesium and zinc are observed in all organs.


Vitamins and trace elements are the building materials for hair. Their lack or insufficient quality may develop a symptom of dryness and fragility. To create a good hair structure, you need these vitamins:

A – (retinol, beta-carotene) – pro-vitamin is contained in plants as a carotenoid. It is contained in protein products of animal and vegetable origin. This is the most important vitamin for hair. Stimulates protein production – a structure based on hair, internal tissues and skin.
B (whole group)– Mainly contained in proteins of vegetable origin, legumes.
E (ALFA tocopherol) – found in many foods of plant and animal origin The element without which the curls lose their luster, elasticity and beauty. Vit. E is contained in almost all hair masks, which helps to moisturize the hair and silky softness. The function of Vit. E is indirect, it has no direct effect on the skin, hair and nails, and protects the remaining biologically active substances from decay and oxidation, which improves the efficiency of their action. It is also needed to moisturize and improve blood circulation in the scalp. Contained in butter, buckwheat and oatmeal, egg yolk, chicken liver. Vitamin E deficiency slows the growth of the hair line.

C (ascorbic acid)– found in many fresh fruits and vegetables. . Improves the condition of the capillaries and the nutrition of the hair follicle. Mineral elements are found in almost all foods, especially nuts and seeds. They are the building material needed for hair growth. Supplies hair follicles with nutrients.
Vitamin B5 – Prevents hair loss, reduces brittleness and dryness, activates cell growth, fills up damaged upper layers.
Vitamin B6 – Nourishes hair. The absence of this element affects the structure of the hair, making it fragile and lifeless. Vitamin B6 is found in meat products, nuts, eggs, milk.
Vitamin F – An element that helps to quickly assimilate all nutrients. Strengthens hair and prevents dandruff, helps maintain the lipid film, which protects the hair from drying. Vitamin F is found in large quantities in beans, soybeans and seeds.
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Important! The lack of vitamin F causes brittle hair, which is very difficult to remove with ordinary cosmetics.
Silicon– Nourishes the hair, preventing its fragility and dryness. Contained in oatmeal, soybeans, beans, rice, beets, bananas, nuts.
Selenium– Activates the process of hair saturation with nutrients. You can get it in larger quantities by enriching your food with mushrooms.