The human body is made for movement. When we are affected by rheumatic pain, this sounds like a painful contradiction, but in fact, physical exercises are a therapy: they help prevent arthrosis and have a beneficial effect on bone and joint pain. If we do not strain our joints regularly, they lose their strength and elasticity, become weak, stiff, painful and deformed. The reason is that the movement or lack thereof affects the condition of all the structures of the joint, including the bones and the extremely important cartilage tissue covering their surface. Bones are not static but dynamic and constantly changing according to the needs of the body. They are like muscles, and as they work harder, they become more dense and stronger. Physiotherapists recommend three types of exercise for arthritis sufferers: stretching to increase range of motion in joints, aerobic workouts or endurance exercises such as walking and strength exercises. Each exercise helps to strengthen and improve the condition of the joints.
The same disease manifests itself differently in every patient. Since each organism is an individual, we cannot approach the same strategy for each. Osteo-articular diseases are complex and rarely one treatment is sufficient to control them. In general, the treatment is as follows: adherence to diet and exercise, application of physiotherapy, use of surgical methods when needed and usage of medications that often change according to the activity and form of the disease, etc. In rheumatic diseases, we can help ourselves without interfering with the regimen prescribed by our doctor. Our Vivalek series is one that aids in the processes of muscle and joint repair.You can use Vivalek cream for joints, back pain, knee pain, discopathy, disc herniation and other musculoskeletal problems. The cream has a cooling and subsequent gentle warming effect and, in addition to its analgesic, has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients. More information about the Vivalek series can be found in the section Vivalek – joints and muscles care.