Professional Collagen hair care series

Professional Collagen hair care series

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Alzeda Advanced Collagen Therapy for Dry and Treated Hair includes 5 products.
The easy application makes the therapy suitable for both professional use and daily care of thinned hair.



1) Soft shampoo for treated hair “Alzeda Advanced”- Collagen, Argan & Macadamia oils

The soft shampoo with collagen and oils gives a gentle wash of both hair and scalp. The new generation foaming contribute for gentle washing and moisturizing the hair. The shampoo does not cause irritation, drying, scaling and prevents the appearance of dandruff. Smooths hair and enhances its elasticity. The optimal pH value makes it suitable for all hair types, especially for thin, depleted and treated, as well as sensitive scalps. After use, hair is visibly thicker with more shine and volume .

2) Regenerating hair conditioner “Alzeda Advanced” – Collagen, Schea butter

The regenerating conditioner with collagen improves hair elasticity and provides deep hydration of hair. It becomes easy to shape the desired hairstyle. It visibly improves hair appearance and regains its vitality. Collagen reconstructs hair and makes it silky soft. The conditioner is suitable for all hair types, but is especially beneficial for fragile, weak and damaged hair. Fights the curse of rebellious hair. The product also has an anti-static effect.

3) Regenerating hair mask “Alzeda Advanced” – Collagen, Argan & Macadamia oils

The regenerating mask with collagen and oils is used for deep and intense hair nourishment and hydration. Strengthens the hair by restoring and smoothing the structure of the hair on a micro level. Collagen regenerates and reconstructs the hair. A complete protective film is formed that protects the hair from the harmful effects of the environment. Macadamia and Argan oil penetrate deep into the hair and hair follicle. The optimal pH of the mask makes the hair silky soft, shiny and regains its natural and healthy look.

4) Milk with collagen “Alzeda Advanced”- Collagen, Argan & Macadamia ois, Lactic acid

Milk with collagen heals and smoothes the surface of the hair, restoring even heavily damaged areas. Improves hold and hair style control. With brittle and curly hair, the milk with collagen retains and forms the curls. Lactic acid enhances elasticity and protects hair from tearing during subsequent treatment, especially during heat. Milk with collagen emulsion is suitable for both professional and everyday use.

5) Polishing serum “Alzeda Advanced”- Schea butter, Argan, Macadamia, Grape seed, Olive, Sunflower oils

Polishing serum is used to finish the delicate hairline. It perfectly polishes hair, with the strong synergy between oils giving maximum gloss. Air edges are restored, appearing visibly more vivid and silky. The product is designed for all hair types, in particular the positive regenerating effect is noticeable on heavily treated and lifeless hair.


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