Anti dandruff gel ”Alzeda”

  • After 3-4 coats visible result
  • A special focus to eliminate dandruff without having other cosmetic effects
Active ingredients
  • chamomile oil
  • selenium disulphide
  • Gel with anti dandruff action. It prevents from the consequences of the causer of dandruff -  Pityrosporum ovale.
  • Chamomile calms irritated and inflamed scalp.
  • It has a softening and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Selenium disulphide restores damaged sulphide links in the protein of the scalp and provides an efficient control of the agent of dandruff - Pityrosporum ovale.
Cosmetic form
  • The selected cosmetic gel form allows easy application on scalp and avoid any discomfort of leakage;
  • The gel does not impose restrictions on the use of other cosmetic products used by consumers.
  • It does not change the appearance of your hair (dry, oily, loss of gloss, etc.).
  • The gel can remain on the scalp, providing enough time to contact and impact of active ingredients.

Use of the product runs in two stages:

  • Intensive phase: After each wash the hair with fingers Deposit 10ml. product of the roots of wet hair. Gel not flush or change the appearance of your hair - do not stain, oily or dry and remains invisible until the next wash.
  • Support stage: To ensure the long-term effect is used 2-3 times a month after washing the hair.
The product does not restrict the use of other cosmetics that are applied to the hair.