Hair Loss

The condition of the hair corresponds to the overall physical and emotional health of people.

Usually, hair loss is increased during the seasons change. You could say that this is normal - the body starts to clean harder and old hairs fall out and in their places grow healthy hair.

The problem occurs when the hair fall is faster than the new growth. The reasons for hair loss are most often disorder of the endocrine, hereditary reasons, hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition or nursing hair loss. Recently, more and more young men between 20 and 30 years have strongly thinning hair.

Hair loss also occurs in pregnant women and mothers, neuro-psychological stress, injury, anemia, operations, dandruff, thyroid problems.

There are other causes of hair loss by wearing hats that prevent free access of air to the scalp, active circulation of the skin and consequently not enough nutrition to the hair.

We can say that hair loss is not an isolated phenomenon but is a consequence of overall physical and mental health.

The phenomenon of hair loss:

It is considered that normally person loses 50 to 100 hairs a day and it does not affect the appearance of our hair. Hair loss can occur when the hairs have fallen significantly over the scalp and dropped without much effort.

Hair growth goes through the following phases:

• Anagen phase - a phase of continuous cell division and development and hair growth.
• Catagen phase - a phase of "reversal" of the hair - the hair follicle shrinks.
• Telogen phase - "resting phase", the hair falls and the follicle is drawn out deeper into the skin.


It is known two types of hair loss: efluvium and alopecia.

  1. Efluvium - the process of hair loss
  2. Alopecia - the end result of the process of hair loss

A form of local baldness is alopecia areata.

Androgenic hair loss is the most common and is believed to have hereditary predisposition for its appearance. It is caused by the impact of elevated levels of androgen (male) hormones. Mans hair loss is manifested by thinning in the temples, and later baldness of the frontal part of scalp.

The list of products available in the market related to hair loss problem is very long.

Anti hair loss gel "ALZEDA" successfully deals with this problem because it contains the following ingredients:

• Extract from nasturtium
• Extract of cinchona
• Oil of Juniper

Measures to limit hair loss

It is essential to reduce hair loss is personal hygiene and the usage of individual equipment (towels, combs, hair brushes, hats).
It is better to make massages with appropriate hair brush, thereby the effect is increasing blood circulation to the skin and strengthens the roots.

• an adequate intake of water and liquids (1.5 - 2 liters a day);
• a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals - the consumption of eggs, fish, whole grains and soy products, vegetables;
• use a hair dryer or other appliances for hair styling only when absolutely necessary;

• avoid frequent coloring, curling and bleaching;
• to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables;
• use mild pH neutral shampoo;
• it is better to dry your hair alone;
• needed vitamins B and C, iron and zinc for normal growth of hair;