Oily hair

What you should know about oily hair?

Oily hair is a result of overactive oil glands in the hair roots. This unpleasant condition leads to clumping of hair, lack of volume and poor appearance. Often occurs and dandruff.

Only those who have faced this problem know how frustrating it is you want to wash your hair constantly and it does not clean enough. Many people have this problem - the need for frequent washing. And so, except that she exhausts, also she becomes oilier.

Often oily hair is a problem only during puberty, because hormonal imbalance, but over time this problem disappears. Due to hormonal problems, oil glands tend to become hyperactive and produce too much sebum.

Another reason for quick oily hair can be stress or poor fruit and vegetable diet. Inappropriate Cosmetics also makes hair oily too quickly. Dirty air, smoke-filled rooms, moisture, frost and fog are a small part of the conditions which contribute to oily hair.

Other conditions for oiling are some diseases as follows:

• Gastrointestinal;
• Disturbances in metabolism;
• The lack of vitamins in food
• Emotional stress


Suitable cosmetics

Do not be afraid to change your shampoo even after the first wash, if the result does not satisfy you. No need to wash your hair twice in a row with shampoo.

If you ignore the problem of excessive oily hair, it may leads to hair loss. However, if timely measures are taken, this can be prevented. Do not wash your hair with too hot water and if possible do not use dryer. The hot air stimulates the fat cells. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, this will close the pores. Do not comb your hair permanently, but only when necessary.

Do not massage the scalp strong and do not scratch, because the glands begin to produce more lipid secretions. Make regular massage the scalp to improve the supply of the hair shaft with nutrients. And last but not least, include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables and forget about fried and heavy foods. Nutrition and drinking plenty of water are among the factors to improve the condition of whole body and hence the hair.


Healthy and beautiful hair is wealth, which is achieved with constant care.
One of the necessary ingredients to keep hair in good condition is the amino acids contained in the Repair hair conditioner "Alzeda". They penetrate deep into the hair structure, providing it with amino acids, which have been lost over time. Thus the hair and its envelope are strengthened and become resistant to breakage.