Unwanted hair blooms

Split ends

Blossom of hair is caused by damage to hair. The reason for this may be unsuitable use of shampoo, too much direct sunlight or excessive drying and burning of the hair dryer, curling, dyeing, bleaching, or very often because the tips of the hair are very old.

The decision to blooming hair is to cut a slit tips. If you stay, they can crack length hair and the hair look without shine and lifeless.

What it looks like healthy hair: When in top form, scaly outer skin (epidermis) of each hair is flat and smooth all along the hair shaft.

Reasons for split ends

In the spring the hair begins to bloom intensively.

Problem of split ends may occur most frequently in a dry and lifeless hair.
Reason for flowering in long hair may be irregular trimming tips. Split Ends of hair can not recover - they must be clipped.

Dry and damaged or very long hair blooms most often. It happens especially if you frequently paint or brushing hair energetic, she slowly starts thinning.

In the process of hair growth natural hair oils for longer hair can not reach the ends of the hair and thus they become very vulnerable to external conditions - cold, wind, etc.

Other reasons:
• If you expose your hair every day of the bright sun, if you wash your hair frequently with aggressive shampoos (without nurture)
• constantly using hairdryer

• Usage of regular curling tongs or straightening appliances or hair curling - all this leads to thinning hair. The hair becomes dry and brittle, tend to tangling.
• Insufficient trimming is probably the most common cause.

All these reasons taken together can lead to unpleasant spring bloom. Winter is hard for our hair, so spring must put more care to look and feel better.

Advices to deal with split ends:

• The problem with blooming hair is better to be solved complex - inside and outside.
• Start with a proper diet and healthy lifestyle.
• Use products to stop flowering ends.

• Use nourishing and strengthening masks and conditioners for all hair.
• Cut it regularly.
• Wash your hair after exercise.
• Do not expose your hair to heat spray-dryer and aggressive combing hair.

• The right shampoo for your hair type - shampoos remove dirty deposits on hair.
• Hair color cream you use should be gentle and non-aggressive.
• Good dryer - never underestimate the power of a good spray - dryer. The more powerful it is, the better. Strong spray-dryer reduces the time that droughts hair. If you have thick hair, the dryer you need should be a minimum of 1800W. People with thin and wispy hair can trust to dryers with 1500 W. Please keep the dryer of at least 20 cm away from your hair.