Shampoo for normal hair Alzeda Ocean Spirit

  • Perfectly clean hair without unpleasant sensations as difficult to comb and dry hair.
  • After drying the hair becomes noticeable shine, volume and strength.
  • Shampoo for normal hair "Alzeda" gives hair a healthy look, and soothes irritation.
  • The original formula contains special foaming agents containing amino acid, contributes to the soft and gentle cleansing action on the hair.
  • The presence of vitamin F accelerates regeneration processes, improves local blood circulation and normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands
Active ingredients:
  • Vitamin F
  • Special foaming agents with amino acids
    • Enhances shine and elasticity to the hair and stabilize keratin sheath.
    • Hair is noticeably brighter with fresh, soft and silky appearance
      Use:Apply to wet hair and massage until thick foam. Rinse thoroughly with water.