Hygienic Hand Gel "Alzeda Antibac"

  • Hygiene Gel "Alzeda" clean hands quickly without soap and water. Provides lasting protection against microorganisms.
  • Designed specifically for cleaning and refreshing hands. Has a soothing and refreshing.
  • Cleans, softens and moisturizes the skin of the hands and prevents the spread of microorganisms.
  • Special formula provides fast drying of gel for a few seconds.
  • It doesn’t create a feeling of stickiness. It forms a film on the gentle hands that prevents microorganisms and spread of infections transmitted by dirty hands.
  • It leaves a feeling of freshness and softness thanks to the essential oil of thyme.
  • The gel can be used for travel, work, places like hospitals, public transport, restaurants, doctors' offices, at home, where hygiene is needed.

Active ingredients:

    • Thymus serpillum oil
    • Glycerin
        • Thyme oil - / Thymus serpillum oil / - Action: antibacterial, fungicidal, antiviral, antiparasitic, warming. Thyme essential oil is very effective and has expressed disinfecting and deodorizing properties.
        • Glycerin - Glycerin soothes and moisturizes the skin without feeling greasy unpleasant and also creates an invisible protective layer against environmental aggression.
        • Strengthens skin protective barrier, and thus protecting it from unfavorable weather and air pollution.
        • Stimulates exfoliation of dead skin. So after prolonged use products with glycerin skin becomes smoother.
          Cosmetic form:
          • Selected cosmetic gel form allows easy application on hands, avoiding unpleasant sensations and adhesive residues from the skin.
          • Approximately 5ml of gel is applied to the hands. Spread throughout the entire surface until it is completely absorbing. Do not flush.
          • In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water!